Our Upcoming Projects

We have dozens of ideas for podcasts, and not enough time to make them all. Plus, honestly, some of them are really bad ideas. These are some of our favorites, which we'll select from when we add to the network. Any comments on which we should pursue are welcome - you can reach us at our gmail address. If you'd like to be included in our direct polls, from which we'll make our final decisions, please consider becoming a Patron. Every donation makes it easier for us to make more content!


Another Podcast Idea

We come up with an idea for a podcast on the spot, then improvise a pilot episode!

Brothers Dimm

Badly written fairy tales, like Sleeping Betty. She's just sleeping. Don't wake her up man, she has her SATs tomorrow.


Crumpets and Conspiracies

Home-spun conspiracy theories, lightly seasoned with baking tips

The earth is flat, just like these incredible crepes we’re making today!

A walkthrough of how to create your own foley art, from first idea to final product (that you can use!).




I know, I know, "there are already fourteen billion advice podcasts out there," you're thinking. Well, I say two advice podcasts per person is one too few. One thing you don't see often is a followup to see if the advice actually helped at all. This one will be all about that. We can provide a circumstance, a solution, and a retrospective analysis of that solution so that you not only get the advice, but you'll know if it's good advice.

A discussion podcast about the Pathfinder game system. Come here for ideas, inspiration, and clarification.

Masterwork Podcast

A discussion about communication - how to do it, how to improve it, and what to absolutely avoid at all costs.

Shut Up and Talk

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A collection of ads from our other podcasts and infomercials made exclusively for Sponsored By, all featuring nonexistent products.