If you're here, you've requested a professional portfolio. Due to the proprietary nature of my work, I am unable to disclose many details of my project since starting at IPG Photonics in August of 2014. However, I have provided a limited description of my work in my resume.

A resume can share the facts of a person's accomplishments, but it says little about their personality. This website, conversely, reflects my personality quite clearly; I made it myself, and this podcast network is a passion of mine. Please take a look around the site. You'll see the driving force of my personality: I can't stop creating things. In my professional life I prototype lasers; in my personal life I write science fiction and comedy. I run D&D campaigns and always create a world entirely from scratch. I homebrew beer and I automate everything I can in my home. 

If you're looking for someone creative who loves to be challenged and can stand up to the pressure, that's me.