The Network

The So You Want to Be a Podcast network is a collaborative work involving a number (seven) of people who want to make something. We lean towards comedy, especially in our interactions and self-reflections, but we branch out as much as we can. All of us have specialized backgrounds, ranging from engineering to history to the hard sciences, and we want to share what we know. Comedy is a great way to get things out there, as with The Early Bird News, but there's a place for drama too; The Euler Contingency will never stray from speculative science fiction into absurdity.

We have room to expand! Check out the podcasts we have on deck, and please consider supporting us on Patreon if you'd like to see more!

The Creators


LuKe goodman

This is Luke. He's a physicist by day and asleep by night. Somewhere in there, he finds the time to turn on a microphone and make sounds at it, but every time he tries to work out how exactly he does this, he fills up his whiteboard with equations and it generally ends with him muttering about "mesons" or something. It's best not to ask.


Maxwell walterman

Max is actually a hermit crab disguised as a human person. While his appearance is plainly that of an aquatic pet, he rolled well on his disguise check, so unless you can beat a 35 on perception, you have to pretend he's human.

The Crew



Dan is literally a genius. Stephen Hawking wrote a book about him, look it up. If you can't find it that's just a sign you're not a genius like Dan. If you want to be Dan's friend, you must offer up a sacrifice of guitar picks and a BLT. Lightly toasted, heavy on the bacon. Don't screw it up, he's counting on you.


Meg cantwell

Meg, the right half of a pair of conjoined twins, wrote her first novel at the age of 16 months and never stopped. She has written a modest 40,000 books to date, all nonfiction and all regarding the socioeconomic impact of Benadryl in developing nations. Rest assured (pun intended), it has a big impact.

Kryss sywtbap.jpg

krysten trindade

Krysten first entered the national spotlight in 2003, when she discovered the color Yellow. After revolutionizing traffic lights, she went on to introduce humanity to bananas, corn, #2 pencils, and Big Bird. Her contributions to society remained unparalleled until 2009, when Katherine Whitcome, Daniel Lieberman, and Liza Shapiro analytically proved why pregnant women don't tip over.


Mel cantwell

Serving 7+ years as an oracle to canned chickpeas (i.e. garbanzo beans), Melanie knows the ins and outs of the canning industry and what it means to be contained in a can, with salt and other preservatives. Much to her surprise (given the limited “beyond the can” interaction the chickpeas saw), the chickpeas knew about this 'Early Bird News' podcast and recommended she try to contribute news and other input to the masses of chickpeas out there, e.g. canned, dried, and humanoid.

10600426_10154818067930393_4765244857433695426_n (3).jpg

Tom walker

Tom is a planeswalker, capable of passing through the multiverse like a bobcat through a Walmart. Like Hautli, Tom is a Dinosaur Knight. However, his only magical power (besides being unconstrained by the physical limitations of the multiverse) is the ability to physically and emotionally emulate this precise form of Yoshi the dinosaur.